School of Hard Rocks

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What perks or benefits do I get with joining SoHR?

All SoHR members have access to ride at Marco’s Farm (our home track) – this venue is not open to the public. As part of your membership, you can opt in to receive our SoHR annual racing shirt. We host four club rides a year, which are social events that begin with a ride in the morning followed by lunch. Our members can apply for event licenses from both WOMZA and MSA. Support at large events. Access to tours and outrides. Access to experienced riders who can assist with questions and advice. Our sponsors often offer special discounts to our members which are not available to the public.

Is the SoHR membership an annual fee?

Our membership is annual and runs from the 1st January – 31st December.

What are the 2024 membership fees?

Adult: R1100 (including a 2024 Riding Shirt) or R750 (no 2024 Racing Shirt) – 18 years of age (at the time of applying) or younger: R550 (including a 2024 Riding Shirt) or R250 (no Racing Shirt).

Banking Details - what are they?

Banking details: Please remember to email POP me and use your surname + mem23 (or surname + tour name, if paying for a tour) as your reference. Please email POP to once payment has been made.
Account Holder: School Of Hard Rocks
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: 63048513625
Branch Code: 250655

Who is SoHR affiliated with?


What is meant by an affiliation?

To ride in either a MSA or WOMZA event, you will need to purchase a license from the association who are hosting the event – to purchase a license from them, you need to be a member of a riding club – SoHR.

Does SoHR enter for affiliate license on behalf of its members?

SOHR do not enter on behalf of our members – members need to acquire their license personally.

What are SoHR tours?

School of Hard Rocks organises weekend/long weekend riding trips for our members which include accommodation, meals, apparel, etc. We either host and arrange our own tours specifically for our members or we organise a tour around a large riding event hosted by one of our affiliates. Lowlands Tour is one of our annual trips hosted by SoHR and takes place in the 1st quarter of the year. We arrange tours around certain Mountain Madalas events, IMPI Hard Enduro, IMPI Original and the Roof of Africa, to name a few.

How does the accommodation work for away events?

We host our own tours and book accommodation for our SoHR members for some annual riding events, which aren’t hosted locally (JHB). The club sources accommodation close to the event and notifies our members accordingly. The price of the tour is advertised and all interested members can book/secure their space by paying the deposit. We always want to cater for as many riders as possible, so we prioritise SoHR rider member’s bookings first before partners our non-riders who may want to join.

How many members are currently in the club?

As of mid-March 2022, we have 240 members and continue to grow every week.

Who are the 2024 Committee members of SoHR?

Calvin Crick (Chairman), Alewyn Botha, Andrew Stead, Brett Sproson, Charlie Harrison, Chris Wood & Tony Dolata.

Who are the 2024 SoHR sponsors?

Denka, Eldorado Fresh, Enduro World, GB Packaging, Goal Zero, SecuExport, KTM, Leader Tread, Leatt, SpeedHut & SPOT